Behind the bedroom door

It’s well known that infertility is on the increase.  Recent data suggests that fertility issues affect about 1 in 8 couples worldwide. The impact of an infertility diagnosis can be devastating enough.  But for men, procreativity is so closely linked with sexuality, many feel that their masculinity is being questioned.  Fear of being  publicly revealed as the cause of the couples failure to conceive prevents many men from undergoing testing.

So it was with interest that Word on Health learned about a new home test kit that can assist couples in determining if a man’s sperm count is normal, low, or very low, in the privacy of their own homes.

The test, appropriately called SpermCheck,  is based on the levels of a particular protein in sperm.  The test has already been approved in the EU and is currently undergoing FDA review.

The SpermCheck Fertility test is designed as a first line assay for use by couples who suspect infertility. The test is also useful for men of any age who simply want to know if their sperm count is in the normal range. After reading the results couples can determine whether to seek comprehensive clinical evaluation of the male partner’s fertility status,”  explains John Herr, PhD who discovered the protein . “This self-test could save money and time for couples struggling with infertility by identifying which partner may need further evaluation.”

Word on Health wonders if we should keep “mum” on this !?!