Brand Building

Word on Health commends Bud Bilanich on an article he authored for the March 2010 edition of PM360.

Entitled Building a Remarkable Brand is a Never Ending Process, Bilanich encourages pharmaceutical Product Managers to embrace the concepts of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Maslow suggested that all human beings have a series of needs they strive to satisfy and arranged these needs in a pyramid. Self-actualization is at the top of the pyramid. Maslow says that after our safety, security, affiliation, and recognition needs are satisfied, we turn our attention to self-actualization although we never actually accomplish it because as soon as we reach one goal, we realize there is always something more to do.

Bilanich advises pharmaceutical marketers to think of their brand this way too. He tells readers a brand can always become something more; there will always be more to do, more to accomplish.  His advice:

  • Commit to taking personal responsibility for the brand you manage
  • Set high goals for your brand
  • Do whatever it takes to meet or exceed those goals
  • React positively to the setbacks, problems, and negative people and events in your life
  • Keep at it
  • Don’t let a day when you come back empty-handed in your quest for building a remarkable brand get you down
  • Get up the next day with optimism in your heart and keep working toward creating a remarkable brand for the product with which you have been entrusted

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