One less guilty pleasure?!?

The 2010 Easter holiday just got better for chocolate lovers.  A study published this week in the European Heart Journal showed that chocolate is good for you.

The ten-year study of chocolate consumption in almost 20,000 people showed that those who ate the most chocolate got the greatest benefit.  German nutritionists found that eating 7.5 grams of dark chocolate every day could reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by a staggering 39%. Chocolate eating can also lead to lower blood pressure.

As always, there’s a catch – it’s the most expensive chocolate that’s best for you.  Dark chocolate containing at least 70% cocoa produced the best results.

And before you rush out and stock up, you need to do the math.  7.5 grams is approximately 0.26 ounces, which is less than one small square. Eating more than this can result in obesity, which leads to higher blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of heart attack and stroke!

Still, chocolate is chocolate, right?

Even so, Word on Health wonders whether it will continue to taste as good now that we know it’s good for us.