Twin Peaks

Peak flow readings help symptoms during the peak asthma season.

A new study from University of California San Francisco, has shown that a simple once-a-month peak flow test during the winter cold and flu season can improve symptom control in patients with asthma.

Researchers evaluated the impact of patients discussing their monthly peak flow readings with their doctors versus a control group who received standard care.

Significantly fewer patients in the intervention group:

  • required oral steroids (9% v. 23%)
  • had worsening symptoms  (65% v. 89%)
  • needed urgent care visits (10% v. 23%)

Patients in the intervention group also had greater adherence to their inhaled steroids than those in the control group.

Study leader Professor Susan Janson concluded: “Interpreted peak flow monitoring may be beneficial to people with asthma during the seasons of greatest vulnerability.

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