A Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year from SRxA

New Year’s Eve.  A time to celebrate with dancing, drinking and delicious foods.

And while we hope our readers will enjoy the festivities, we want to ensure that the fun and frivolities don’t cause you or your loved ones injury.

So, our final Word on Health for the Year: eat, drink and be merry but keep these safety topics in mind:

  • While festive drinks are fabulous, please drink responsibly. Let’s keep inebriated drivers off the roads. Organize your transportation plans ahead of time so you can enjoy yourself and arrive home safely.
  • If you’re hosting a New Year party, remember although candles are beautiful they could potentially cause a fire. Make sure they are placed where they can’t be bumped and remember to blow them out before heading to bed.
  • If you have young children or pets, you may want to forgo small whistles or plastic bells, which could cause a choking hazard.
  • Dress warmly. Even if you aren’t joining the millions of people watching the ball drop outside in Times Square, in most parts of the country Dec. 31 2010, is going to be very very cold. Be prepared for situations like cars not starting, having to park a long distance away from the party or losing your keys. Have plenty of antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid on hand, and check your tire conditions before you leave the house. It’s a good idea to pack an emergency car kit, complete with tools, warm blankets, water, nonperishable food items, flashlights and cell phones, in case your car were to become stuck in a remote location.

So party safe and be sure to join us again in 2011 for all the latest news and views from the world of health, medicine and pharmaceuticals.