Pharmaceutical Marketing – new year, new challenges, new solutions?

As each week passes, regulations governing prescriber-sales rep interactions seem to tighten and as a result fewer and fewer physicians are admitting reps to their offices. In parallel more and more doctors are looking on line for the information they need about the drugs they prescribe and products they use.  It’s not surprising, then, that so many pharmaceutical companies have pared down their field sales force.

Increasingly the pharma rep is being replaced by internet based customer-centric strategies, portable technology and other forms of closed-loop marketing.  This seismic shift in pharmaceutical sales and marketing means there are fewer face-to-face meetings and that doctors have relatively limited opportunities to interact and share knowledge with their peers.

However, a recent survey undertaken by SRxA, shows this is precisely what doctors want.

Because the traditional pharma sponsored dinner is no longer acceptable in today’s heighted era of regulatory scrutiny, SRxA has worked with its team of clinical advisors to develop a number of exciting new and compliant approaches. Healthcare professionals from all specialties who have participated in these events have unanimously rated the programs as “excellent” and our clients are delighted with their return on investment.

Undoubtedly, healthcare marketing is a much tougher business than it was just a few years ago. Rising costs, increased regulatory pressure, and shrinking sales forces, mean it’s harder than ever to reach physicians and patients. To succeed, you need to tailor your marketing strategies to the changing times.

Our team of pharmaceutical marketing experts and clinical advisors will work closely with you to:

  • Identify gaps and opportunities in your current strategy
  • Build enduring relationships with consumers and healthcare professionals through targeted, effective multi-channel programs

To find out more about the SRxA survey, the “for physicians – by physicians” programs, and how SRxA can help you meet your marketing objectives, contact us today.