And the winner is…

While SRxA’s Word on Health may not have been on the red carpet last night…we thought we’d share with you our “winners” from the past 12 months.

For those of you who may have missed our most viewed blog posts, here’s a chance to see them again.

In reverse order:

Coming in at #10 we have: Ouchless Flu Vaccine – a story about a BandAid based drug delivery system.

#9  New Use Identified for Birth Deformity Drug – which detailed how thalidomide may reduce both the severity and frequency of nosebleeds in patients suffering from hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia disease.

#8 No Excuse for sleeping on the job! – a story from March 2010 about new study findings that showed working memory -a key element of executive functioning- was essentially unaffected by as much as 51 hours of total sleep deprivation.

#7  Eye injection that could save the sight of the over 30’s.  This blog announced the FDA approval of a new dexamethasone intravitreal implant heralded as the first effective treatment of macular edema.

The #6 most viewed story was actually our debut post which asked the question: If Martin Luther King had lived would he have had asthma?

At #5 is a story entitled Alzheimer’s Disease could be reversed by rheumatoid arthritis protein . In this post we were encouraged to learn that scientists have discovered that a chemical normally produced by the body to fight arthritis, could also reverse the memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s Disease.

#4 Patients are from Mars, Physicians are from Venus! This post reviewed results from a study that showed a huge disparity between patients’ expectations of angioplasty versus those of their cardiologists.  While the majority of heart patients harbor the notion that the procedure will cut their risk of heart attacks and death, cardiologists believe that its value is limited to reducing chest pain.

The #3 most viewed post was entitled Asthma though the Ages.  It traced the history of asthma from the earliest recorded reference to wheezing and respiratory distress  around 2,600 B.C. through to modern times.

In the runner-up spot, the best supporting blog goes to  Pac-Man Physiology.  This posting described new research suggesting that macrophages do much more than act as antimicrobial warriors.  Turns out they also play critical roles in immune regulation and wound-healing.   Additionally, they can respond to a variety of cellular signals and change their physiology in response to local cues.

And now with a big drum role, a pregnant pause and an outburst of emotion we are pleased to announce…

“And the winner is….”   High hopes for long term hemophilia B therapy.  in this most-viewed post, we  brought you the preliminary results of a gene-therapy study that showed that a single injection of  the new treatment could turn a patient with severe hemophilia into one with moderate disease .

Do you agree with our readers?  Should there have been other winners?  We’d love to hear from you.

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