Sorry! We Zoned-Out on the Zombies

Happy Monday to all our Word on Health readers.  We’re so glad you survived the May 21st doomsday, doubly so, as we completely neglected to cover last weeks CDC advisory, telling you how to prepare.

Even though the immediate danger appears to have passed, in the event the next TV evangelist is more successful with their end-of-the-world predictions, we want to make sure you’re ready.

The agency’s guidance on how to handle a zombie apocalypse certainly makes more interesting reading than their traditional instructions on how to prepare for Tsunamis, Terrorist Attacks and Plague.

Keep plenty of food and water on hand, plus of course duct tape. Lot’s and lot’s of duct tape! Additionally, they advise keeping a copy of your birth certificate in your emergency kit.  Great advice – we certainly wouldn’t want to be unprepared for a presidential run in a post-apocalyptic world!

CDC also recommends stocking up on household bleach and soap. We’re not sure if that’s to ward off the zombies or to ensure we’re clean before they eat us.  Either way, we’re thinking of substituting these items with wine and chocolate. Not even oblivion can be that bad after wine and chocolate.  And just in case we do survive, our emergency kit will include a TIVO player or two to ensure we don’t miss the final few Oprah shows.

What would be in your emergency kit? Send us your comments and let’s start a thread.

And if you’re not reading this because zombies have already attacked your neighborhood, we apologize for the inconvenience.