Cough It Up!

Back in June, SRxA’s Word on Health attended the 2011 American Cough Conference (ACC) in New York.  At the time, many people were surprised to learn that cough is the most common complaint for which Americans seek medical attention, and also one of the least understood.

The ACC is the nation’s leading educational program on cough and attracted physicians, researchers and allied health professionals from all over the world.  The Scientific Committee, led by Dr. Peter Dicpinigaitis, brought together an outstanding faculty representing the Who’s Who of the cough world.  Over 150 delegates from 11 countries attended and enjoyed a mix of plenary sessions, oral presentations and a pro-con debate. The informal, multi-specialty format provided attendees with both state-of-the-art science and the opportunity to translate it into best clinical practice for their patients through peer-to-peer discussion.

The scientific proceedings of the 2011 ACC will be published in Lung later this year.  In the meantime, the conference organizers asked SRxA to produce an e-Newsletter to be disseminated to attendees as well as pulmonologists, allergists, otolaryngologists and speech pathologists not fortunate enough to have been there.

The resulting publication – Cough It Up! was released yesterday and we invite you to be among its first readers.

Cough It Up! provides an interactive review of the ACC, featuring a mix of the meeting highlights, cough trivia and an exclusive interview with one of the all time greats of cough.

Written, developed and designed by SRxA, its distribution was supported by Pfizer Consumer Health.

If you are planning a medical meeting or conference and would like to have the same type of coverage for your event we’d love to hear from you.