Guys in Bras

Would you pay to see a guy in a bra?

What if it was a strapping linebacker modeling the abovementioned undergarment, complete with blinking lights, and other assorted bling?

If you live in Detroit, in exchange for a donation, your chance to see not just one, but 20 or so athletes and future army officers in bras is coming soon.

Every year, since 2004, the student chapter of the Society of Intellectual Sisters at Michigan Technological University puts on its annual guys-in-a-bra fashion show to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The event also features a speech by a breast cancer survivor and an auction of the hand-decorated bras sported by members of the football team, Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and the Society of African American Men.

“It’s fun to watch the guys strut their stuff,” says organizer Lydia Brame.  Last spring, the theme was candy; next spring it will be Las Vegas. Expect bras decorated with dice, chips and roulette wheels.

For all the fun, the Bra Show is serious stuff. “Support the cause,” the Michigan Tech women say. “Uplift the world, a woman at a time.”

SRxA’s Word on Health thinks this is a great idea and one that could be adopted by colleges all over the country. Would you be man enough to step up to the challenge?