Holiday Survival Tips

merry christmasAs Christmas beckons, it’s all easy to lose sight of the health goals you’ve set for yourself. Fabulous food, abundant alcohol and a lack of exercise all contribute to the demise of even the very best of intentions. And then there’s the stress of family and forced frivolity to add to the festive fun.

To help keep you on track physically and emotionally, SRxA’s Word on Health offers the following last minute Holiday survival tips:

Stay off the snacks 
Around Christmas time, many of the pound packed on are due to snacks that lie around the house. Go easy on the chocolates, potato chips and nuts, they are full of fat, salt and calories. Instead, substitute with bowls of fruit and crunchy raw vegetables.

christmas dogTake  a walk
Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean normal life has to stop completely! Build some time into your day to take some exercise, even if it’s just a walk with the dog. Taking time out can also be helpful for avoiding family tension: if there’s a storm brewing, calm yourself down by getting out and about for 30 minutes or so.

christmas family_argumentBe sensitive 
Not everybody finds Christmas a pleasant time — be sensitive to the feelings of those around you, especially if there’s been a recent bereavement or loss. Even happy events such as the birth of a child can cause emotional havoc, so stay aware and steer clear of potentially hazardous topics.

Don’t start adult beverages too early
Tempting though it can be to crack open the bubbly as soon as you’re dressed, save it for later in the day. When eventually you do have a drink, remember to space alcoholic drinks with soft ones, allowing your liver a chance to fight back. And don’t forget that it’s harder for your liver to metabolize alcohol when your sugar intake has been high: it prioritizes the absorption of sugar over alcohol, so if you’ve been snacking on chocolates all day, alcohol will remain in your system for longer.

Get organized! 
If you leave all your preparations to the last minute, things can get stressful.  Space everything, write lists…delegate.

dessert-cocktailChoose your drinks carefully
If you’re watching your weight, stay away from the creamy cocktails, and pre-mixed drinks. Stick to spirits, with zero calorie mixers, or wine.

Set expectations 
Christmas can be a very happy time, but it can also be stressful. If you have lots of relatives an multiple meals to juggle make sure that others know your plans in good time set know in good time. Disappointment often breeds resentment and the last thing you need on your hands at Christmas is a family feud.

And finally, relax and enjoy the day.  It will all be over before you know it.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we wish you healthy, happy and stress free day days ahead.

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