Super-Sized Super-Bowl!

Superbowl-2013If you’re going to be in America this weekend, chances are you will be glued to the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Whether you’re tuning in as a fan of the 49ers, to rave for the Ravens, or even just to catch the commercials, this television and sporting extravaganza will probably be accompanied by food.  Lots and lots of food.

That’s right!  The “Big Game” has become much more than football. Aside from the multi-million dollar ads, it’s also the second biggest day for food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving.

But before you dive into the dip or start piling on the pizza, you may want to take note of the following exercise equivalents you’d have to do to burn off your favorite football foods. nachos

According to Charles Platkin, PhD, MPH, editor of and Distinguished Lecturer at the CUNY School of Public Health:

A handful of pita chips accompanied by artichoke dip = running the length of 141 football fields

Each chip is 13 calories, and each tablespoon of dip adds another 80 or more calories. 

Two slices of Dominos Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza = 209 minutes of performing in a marching band

Each slice weighs in at a staggering 490 calories

Four Dominos stuffed cheesy bacon and jalapeno breadsticks = 193 Touchdown Dances in the end zone

At 160 calories a piece, those four little breadsticks add up to a whopping 640 calories

One Sloppy Joe = 59 minutes of stadium stair climbing

This is a Tex-Mex creation that includes fatty ground beef, sugar, ketchup, flour and bread runs at over 500 . Sloppy Joes have more than 500 calories a time.

buffalo wingsSix Buffalo Wild Wings with ranch dressing = doing “the wave” 6,480 times

Six wings from Buffalo Wild Wings have 990 calories. Adding a small dip of dressing per wing adds on another 340 calories – taking this game day favorite to 1,330 calories.

Two handfuls of Cheetos Jumbo Puffs = 30 minutes of playing professional football

Each 2 ounce handful is equivalent to about 320 calories. To burn this off you’d actually have to be playing the game for 30 minutes rather than watching it. The only problem with this, according to The Wall Street Journal, is there are only about 11 minutes of actual ball playing in a football game. That means you would need to play almost three games of professional football to burn off the two handfuls


Outback Baby Back Ribs = 123 minutes of team practice and conditioning

A full order of Outback Baby Back ribs is 1,156 calories, thanks to the fatty meat and sugary sauce.

Three 12oz Pepsi’s = 57 minutes of dancing to Beyonce’s half-time performance

Each 12-ounce can equals 100 calories. When’s the last time you danced for an hour straight?

So, to make sure your next game isn’t an appearance on The Biggest Loser, snack smart and think before you super-size your super-bowl.

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