Praying for Boston

Praying for BostonNo words tonight, only prayers. For the victims, for the families, for Boston, for sport, for the first responders and for humanity.

Our thoughts are with you.Boston marathonPray for Boston

One thought on “Praying for Boston

  1. Of Patriots, Runners, and First Responders
    By The Editors of Physicians First Watch

    On Patriots’ Day, two explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon injured scores of runners and bystanders who came here from around the world. Two are dead, including a child, and we are all left trying to make sense of what happened and why.

    We watched much of the early television coverage and were struck by the actions of the first responders and the many reports of medical professionals from the race who, having just completed a marathon, offered their help in the medical tents.

    Victims went to Boston’s emergency departments and operating rooms where many of you work. We know as we write this that you’re still hard at it. We salute you, and our thoughts are with you and your patients.

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