Congress – less popular than dog poop!

Capitol HillOn becoming an American Citizen yesterday, one of my Facebook friends posted the following message on my wall – “WOOT WOOT!!!! NOW START COMPLAINING ABOUT CONGRESS!!!!”

However, it seems I will have to stand in line…as the rest of America has beaten me to it.

While the United States suffers through the second week of the federal shutdown, Public Policy Polling, a national survey agency, asked more than 500 registered voters if they liked various items more than they liked Congress.

HemorrhoidsThe results, showed that a mere 8% of those surveyed said they approved of the job Congress was doing, while 86% disapproved.

Onychomycosis1In addition to the aforementioned canine waste, voters also preferred hemorrhoids (53% vs 31%), toenail fungus (44% vs 41%) cockroaches (44% vs.42%), the IRS (42% vs. 33%), and the DMV (58% vs. 24%) to Congress.

But despite this, there is a glimmer of hope for lawmakers.

According to the survey, Americans still view Congress more favorably than the Ebola virus, Syria, Charles Manson, Lindsay Lohan, Honey Boo Boo, and twerking!

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