World Exclusive – Preview of NARAC Knows

Last month, SRxA’s Word on Health bloggers attended the inaugural North American Rhinology and Allergy Conference (NARAC) in Puerto Rico.

NARAC was designed to bring together practicing allergists and otolaryngologists (ENT’s), to share the most up-to-date information regarding diseases of the nose and airways.  And it succeeded.

The Scientific Committee brought together an outstanding faculty representing the Who’s Who of allergy and ENT.  Over 160 delegates from three countries and 37 US states attended and enjoyed a mix of plenary sessions, Problem Based Learning breakouts and industry-sponsored symposia.  The interactive, multi-specialty format provided attendees with both state-of-the-art science and the opportunity to translate it into best clinical practice for their patient s through peer-to-peer discussion.

The scientific proceedings of this meeting will be published in the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy later this year.  In the meantime however, the conference organizers recognized the need for a Rapid Response e-Newsletter to be disseminated to both attendees and those allergists and otolaryngologists not fortunate enough to have been there.

Based upon recommendations from our independent clinical advisors, the NARAC Course Directors asked SRxA to develop the e-Newsletter on their behalf. The brief was to provide an entertaining and engaging mix of:

  • Meeting Highlights
  • Session Reviews
  • Key Takeaway Messages
  • Pro-Con Discussions
  • Attendee Surveys
  • News from the Exhibit Hall

In the three weeks since the conference, together with our talented team of designers and NARAC’s own editorial review committee, we have done just that.

And now….with much fanfare and drum rolls… we are proud to bring you, our Word on Health readers, the exclusive first edition of NARAC Knows.

In the coming days the e-Newsletter will be distributed to 20,000 clinicians across the US.

NARAC Knows was supported by unrestricted grants from Dey Pharma L.P., Sunovion, and ViroPharma Inc.

If you are planning a medical meeting or conference and would like to have the same type of coverage for your event we’d love to hear from you.