The Business of Fatherhood

Here’s a question for all you working moms and dads out there.  When your child becomes an adult, will they thank you for how you raised them?

Those of you tussling with the Terrible Two’s or being tormented by teenagers, may be rolling your eyes at this point.  Before you utter “no way” we’re pleased to let you know that it’s not too late.  Help is now at hand…or at least a quick click to away!

SRxA’s founder, President and CEO, Christos Efessiou PhD, has just published his first book: CDO – Chief Daddy Officer.

Throughout the book, Dr. Efessiou shares with readers the lessons he himself learned after his first marriage dissolved and he was left to raise his seven year old daughter Persephone on his own.  Already a successful entrepreneur, he applied his business knowledge to the business of parenting.

Clearly it worked.  Those of us who know Persephone recognize that she has turned into a wonderful and unique young lady. Smart, intelligent, savvy, confident and driven, we marvel at her relationship with her father and we  know that she thanks her dad every day for the way in which she was raised.

In CDO-Chief Daddy Officer, Chris shows how principals such as communication, respect, team-building, and mentoring, so essential to a successful business are also the pillars of creating a loving family.  Using textbook business strategies he shows how to achieve success in the business of parenthood.

Matthew Cronin PhD, Associate Professor of Management at George Mason University says “CDO is a highly thoughtful application of foundational business wisdom to the practice of parenting”  It is eminently sensible in both HOW business fundamentals could be applied to parenting, but also WHICH business fundamentals should be applied.”

Those of us lucky enough to work for Chris have already read a copy of the book. For anyone else whether you’re a parent, CEO, employee, employer or student we highly recommend it.  Take a read and let us know what you think.

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