The Violent Torpedo of Truth

Frankly, Word on Health is sick and tired of the whole Charlie Sheen thing.  Nevertheless, lots of people, it seems are not only transfixed, but addicted, to watching him break down, one piece at a time.

Now, some experts have suggested that this may help people with their own mental health. Given all that’s been going on around the world, the crisis in the Middle East, the economy, rising gas prices and, most recently, the heartbreaking destruction in Japan, it appears that people welcome a distraction that doesn’t affect them personally.

In the book Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior, author, Beverly Flaxington says that watching Sheen can make people reflect positively on their own lives.  While the actor’s recent antics, may be symptomatic of a mental health crisis, Flaxington argues that watching Sheen’s personal and professional unraveling has been somewhat of a respite for many people.

It has many of us thinking, ‘I have challenges in my life, but unlike him, I’m holding it together,’ ” she said.

While some people enjoy the “mighty have fallen” aspects of Sheen’s behavior, Flaxington believes that there’s also a little bit of his behavior that we all connect to. “We’re all capable of doings things we’re not proud of. He has us wondering, ‘Under enough stress, could I get to that point?’

Yes, but thank goodness most of us are doing a lot better than he is. Now that’s what we call Winning!